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August 14th, 2010

It’s about time that all South Africans make a concerted effort to resuscitate the moral fibre of our society. It really does start with the small things, and that is where each one of us can make a meaningful contribution.

Do your bit and let’s all make South Africa a better place to live – Lead SA!

Have your say right here or go to http://www.leadsa.co.za .

Bafana Bafana – you made us PROUD!

June 12th, 2010

Today I am a very proud South African – well done Bafana Bafana.

What a day, what a game!!

FIFA 2010 World Cup – Good Luck South Africa.

April 23rd, 2010

I am not the greatest soccer fan on earth, but I am so looking forward to the spectacle – 48 days to go and the excitement really is starting to build. There are still a lot of problems to iron out, but I have never heard of any host country that was fully ready 3 months before the time. As I recall, Germany also had similar problems in the final weeks before kick-off.

There are going to be acts of crime – criminals exist everywhere and South Africa does have more than its fair share of these low lives. Yes, we do have to be realistic but we shouldn’t let these bastards get the better of us.

I am so tired of the pessimist drivel which spews forth from the mouths of some of our pale brothers – oh, this is wrong and so is that …. bla bla bla, and Bafana Bafana will never win – well who the hell cares – no one really expected the Springboks to win before the ’95 Rugby World Cup. I find it so annoying and childish when I hear people who would actually be in their element if it did fail. Well, here’s news for you – it isn’t going to happen.

I heard the new Leon Schuster soccer song on 702 the other day – it’s no Lennon / McCartney composition, but its good fun and free to download – so have a listen and get behind our team.

If you are one of the lucky few who have a ticket, ENJOY and if you can share a ride or hitch a lift to the game, please do ……. AND if you need help with that, go to http://www.eliftclub.co.za .

Good luck South Africa – make us proud!!

Carpooling – say what?

April 14th, 2010

What is a carpool? 

It’s a means of transport whereby a group of people who are travelling in the same direction can travel together in one vehicle. This is perfect for commuters who live in close proximity to one another. Not only is carpooling an ideal arrangement for saving money, but for individuals who don’t have easy access to public transport, it can be a job-saver too. 

Carpooling Benefit 

Save Moola

Carpooling can save you as much as half of all your maintenance and petrol expenses, while in some cases it can even eliminate the need for that second (expensive) family mini van.

Guarantee a Healthier Environment for your Grandkids

The cost of automobile use that is more tragic than any other, is the degradation of our once perfect environment. Billions of cars, trucks and other vehicles pump lethal pollutants into our fragile atmosphere every day. Some of these contaminate food crops and water supplies, while others rise up, causing severe damage to the ozone which in turn creates climate changes and global warming. As if that’s not bad enough; air pollution has been proven to cause several ailments such as Asthma and Emphysema.

Carpooling Etiquette and Tips 

Don’t Be Late

If you want to ruin a happy carpool – arrive late! It’s important to establish set pick-up stops and a schedule. Decide how long to wait for latecomers. They should be reprimanded in an agreed upon manner.

Insurance – Are You Covered?

Under-insured motorist protection and liability insurance are highly recommended to protect yourself adequately. They are good investments and are not too expensive. You should also notify your insurance company if you are carrying passengers.


A car that is poorly maintained can consume up to fifty percent more fuel than one that is maintained correctly. To ensure a safe, comfortable and reliable journey that’s gentler on the environment; make sure your car is well maintained.

No Stopping – Anytime!

This is the carpool community’s golden rule! Your journey together is for one purpose only – to get to work or school and back safely and on time. Grocery store trips, dry-cleaning pick-ups are best kept for weekends and lunch breaks.


Drive safely! Your fellow car-poolers’ should always feel that they are in capable and reliable hands. Don’t prove them wrong! 

Makes Sense…

Carpooling decreases the impact of vehicles on our environment and our roads very simply – by travelling together instead of alone; carpools reduce the amount of automobiles on our roadways.

If you would like to try Car Pooling, then please visit http://www.eliftclub.co.za and register for free.